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Baseball Season 2024

We hope you have a great 2024 season!!

Key Dates & Times


About Our Divisions

Providing boys and girls between 4-12 the opportunity to learn and play Little League Baseball and Softball.

Co-ed Tee Ball

Co-Ed Tee Ball is instructional. Coaches will work on teaching and developing basic skills of hitting (off a tee), catching, fielding and throwing. During scheduled games, all offensive players bat each inning and game situations (batters running bases and defensive players fielding, throwing to bases, catching pop flies) are introduced with the assistance of on-field coaching.

Co-ed Minors

Co-ed Minors baseball is designed to improve upon the skills learned in Tee Ball while allowing players to experience game conditions during which coaches pitch and fielders make plays to register outs and keep runners from advancing bases. Offensive innings in Minors baseball continue until there are either three outs or five runs are scored by the batting team.

Girls Softball: Ages 7-8

Girls coach pitch softball for ages 7 and 8.

Girls Softball: Ages 9-12

For girls ages 9-12 and ready for competitive softball games.

Majors Baseball: 9-12

For players ages 9-12 and ready for competitive baseball games.

League Age Determination

Not sure what league age your child is? Please use this link to find out.

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Catskill Little League

Catskill Little League Sponsors

Catskill Little League would not survive without the support of businesses and organizations in our community. 


If you are interested in volunteering, please forward your request to and we will send you and electronic form to fill out.